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Subsidiaries and Partners

Gulf Warehousing Company Q.S.C. (the “Company”) is incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Qatar Commercial Companies Law No. 11 of 2015 as a Qatari Shareholding Company, and was registered with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the State of Qatar with the Commercial Registration number 27386 dated 21 March 2004. The Company’s shares are listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange since 22 March 2004. The Company is domiciled in the State of Qatar, where it also has its principal place of business.

The condensed consolidated interim financial statements of the Company comprise the Company and its subsidiaries (together referred to as the “Group”).

The principal activities of the Group which have not changed since the previous period are the provision of logistics (warehousing, inland transportation of goods for storage, international moving and relocation, express courier and records management) and freight forwarding (land, sea or air) services.

Detailed Clarification and Structure for GWC’s Participation in any company within its group

Agility W.L.L., State of Qatar, Logistics and transportation, 100%

GWC Chemicals W.L.L., State of Qatar, Chemical trading and transportation, 100%

GWC Global Cargo & Transport L.L.C., United Arab Emirates, Warehousing and transportation, 100%

GWC Food Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Trading food, 100%

Imad Sourcing & Logistics Group W.L.L., State of Qatar, Trading food and other consumables, 51%

GWC Saudi Arabia – Branches in Riyadh, Dammam & Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Preparation, development and management of warehouses, 100%

Gulf Warehousing Company Limited, Republic of Nigeria, Warehousing and transportation, 100%

GWC Marine Services W.L.L. State of Qatar Shipping agent 100%

GWC Logistics Holding L.L.C, State of Qatar, Logistics and freight forwarding, 100%

GWC Logistics S.P.C, Kingdom of Bahrain, Operations and management of general warehouse, 100%

Gulf Warehousing Express UPS W.L.L., State of Qatar, Courier services, 100%

Qontrac Global Limited, United Kingdom, Freight Company, 100%

Qontrac Global Logistics B.V., Netherlands, Logistics and freight forwarding, 100%

LEDD Technologies W.L.L., State of Qatar, Information technology services, 100%

ION Sea Freight (formerly GWC Sea Freight) W.L.L., State of Qatar, Freight forwarding, 100%

Prime Shipping Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Shipping agent, 100%

Prime Container Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Shipping services, 100%

Qontrac Shipping Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Shipping agent, 100%

GWC Shipping Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Shipping agent, 100%

ION Shipping Services W.L.L., State of Qatar, Shipping agent, 100%

LEDD Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., India, Information technology services 100%

GWC Investment, Qatar, 100% owned by a subsidiary of GWC (GWC Chemicals)


Agility Logistics

Agility Logistics is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with more than 22,000 employees in over 550 offices and 125 countries. In Qatar, Agility Logistics is a subsidiary company of GWC, which has taken great pains and gone to great lengths to be a good partner in establishing strong logistics infrastructure in Qatar.

Constantine UK

Constantine is the UK’s premiere fine art packing, installation, transportation, and storage company for over 130 years. The Royal Warrant granted by Her Majesty the Queen is further testament to Constantine’s commitment to offering the highest standards of service, quality and excellence. GWC and Constantine UK have formed a collaborative alliance under which “GWC-Constantine Fine Art” executes fine art logistics in the State of Qatar. The partnership allows institutional and private collectors, museums and galleries to obtain the highest international standards of fine art logistics here in Qatar.