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GWC Breaks Personal Records in Super Heavy Lifts

April, 2015

GWC Breaks Personal Records in Super Heavy Lifts

The first quarter of 2015 saw GWC break two of its own personal records for super-heavy lifts in the State of Qatar, first for heavy lift and second for longest item delivered.

On Tuesday, January 27th, Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) completed the transport of a nearly 500-ton distillation tower on behalf of Qatar Gas Operating Company (QGOC) from the Ras Laffan Sea Port to the Ras Laffan Refinery Expansion Project 2 (RL2) site. As part of its continued project logistics contract with Chiyoda CTCI Joint Venture (CCJV), GWC plotted the course, attained the proper clearances from the customs, traffic, and sea port authorities, and performed the transport of the distillation tower all under the supervision and approval of QGOC.

The distillation tower transported is more officially known as Item #82-C1201, and performs one of the most common industrial processes in the oil and gas industry, separating the chemical constituents of crude oil, heating the crude oil stream to separate it in specific subsets of carbon molecules. This requires a high degree of delicacy despite the extremely large size of the equipment used, and therefore required a special degree of care in the transportation of the components.

The tower arrived on January 25th at the Ras Laffan Sea Port from the Ulsan Sea Port of the country of origin South Korea. The shipment consisted of 3 Columns, with each column weighing nearly 500 tons, and spanned Length 64.45 X Width 8.59 X Height 8.51 meters. In cooperation with the company’s transport partner ALE – the world’s leading heavy transporters, GWC studied the dimensions of the tower and chose to transport it on a 34 axle/4-file specially commissioned self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs). The company proceeded to receive the tower at the port, and transport it to the site of the foundation in which it would be mounted.

This was followed on March 24th 2015 with Gulf Warehousing Company and ALE completing the delivery of two separation columns on behalf of Punji Lloyd, a contractor for Qatar Solar Technology (QSTec), which at 52 and 54 meters long each became the longest objects the company had ever transported. Weighing in at 28 and 47 tons respectively, the company was tasked with transporting the columns from the Ras Laffan Industrial City Port to the QSTec Polysilicon project site in Ras Laffan. Arriving from Hamriyah Free Zone in the UAE on March 23rd, 2015,  and after carefully plotting the route along which the items would travel, GWC moved the two columns atop specially commissioned 36 Axle/2-file SPMTs.

“It is exciting to achieve a new first, though with the level of experience we have achieved in super heavy lifts and transports, we were more than capable of handling a project of this scale,” explained Director of Freight Forwarding Mr. Bobby George. “GWC Projects has extensive experience working for major engineering and oil and gas clients, providing solutions especially tailored for their very specific needs, regardless of size, scope, or destination. We have every trust in our specialized and experienced teams’ ability to face the unique challenges presented by this and every other specialized logistics project,” he added.

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