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Benefits of Voice Picking

August, 2021

Benefits of Voice Picking

Logistics is ever evolving. One of the key drivers of change within the logistics industry is voice-driven technology, and one of the areas where this new technology is advancing is that of warehousing and distribution.

In the last decade, the increasing popularity of voice solutions within a range of industries has become a testament to the many ways in which this technology enhances business functions. Voice command technology is proven to improve warehouse productivity and worker safety, all the while reducing the rate at which errors occur. The future implications for voice-assisted technology are vast. Further integration with robotics applications as well as augmented reality will likely see the adoption of this technology soar, and fast.

The basics of voice picking

Put simply, voice picking creates a direct dialogue between critical systems and the team members that use them in order to do their jobs. It does this via plain spoken language. It is a method that removes the requirement for workers to use physically-held items such as scanners or even paper. The worker needs only a headset and their voice. This allows free movement through the warehouse with hands and eyes unencumbered, and therefore dramatically increases productivity, safety, and accuracy. Pickers are directed to specific locations in order to relay a set of check digits. These digits confirm the aisle and bin locations are correct. The picker is then provided with quantity, which is confirmed once picked, and then they are given the next picking task. The pick path is optimized as the process continues and allows pickers to maximize efficiency as they progress through the warehouse.

The benefits

Improvement in accuracy

By eliminating distractions that can be caused by carrying tools in hands, reading too much of information at one time, voice picking allows pickers to focus fully on their task. This reduces the chances of “mispicking” and can increase accuracy up to 85%. One of the main causes of mispicking is that of workers looking away or looking at the wrong line item and effectively losing their place. Voice picking removes the need to look away to check papers, or scanners.

Increased productivity

Voice-direction technology essentially simplifies existing functions and allows for the streamlining of processes in removing several stages. This results in what can be up to a 35% increase in productivity.

Improvement in safety

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to our staff at GWC, and it is one of many areas that voice picking technology improves. Being “hands free” removes the need to carry devices or paperwork. Distraction-free, our staff are then able to place more focus on the physical actions required in warehouses, such as using tools to open boxes or lifting heavy objects.

Reduction in training time

Voice-driven actions remove the need for exhaustive training on printouts, labels, physical system-data entry. A simple voice template and training on verbal commands results in faster adoption of a more efficient and accurate system.

Better employee satisfaction

Second only to improvement in employee safety, is improvement in employee satisfaction. Voice picking removes a degree of the previously necessary tedium and replaces it with a simpler, faster, more accurate and ultimately more satisfying way to work.

Multilingual applications

With so many expat workers in the State of Qatar, and the many languages spoken here as a result, the applications for voice picking become even more significant.  This revolutionary technology has the capacity to detect the language being spoken, while responding in another. What this means is that a worker that needs to convey instructions in English, does not necessarily need to have proficiency in the language. This multilingual aspect further expands the applications of voice-driven solutions.

The value that voice-picking technology brings to the logistics industry is immeasurable. It is why innovation features as part of the GWC business development ecosystem in such a substantial manner and will continue to do so.

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