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GWC Records

GWC is the pioneer in records and asset management solutions in Qatar, accredited with PRISM Membership, ISO and ISMS Certificates for industry best practices. GWC Records provides end-to-end records lifecycle management with services encompassing records collection (paper documents, data tapes, and more); storage; digitization and electronic document management; time-bound retrievals; and secured end-of-life document destruction. The department currently stores billions of customer documents in GWC’s state-of-the-art storage facilities, equipped with automated heat and smoke detection systems and FM-200 gas-based fire suppression system.

Service Span:

Digitization of documents

Time-bound document retrieval

Document classification, indexing and cataloguing

Comprehensive fixed asset tagging and inventorying

Electronic document management system implementation

Storage, management, and secured destruction of physical documents and data tapes

Quick Figures

1.6 million box storage capacity
2.5 billion documents stored
6.3 petabyte data center capacity
100% client retention since inception

GWC Records remains the most approached service provider for turnkey records and asset management solutions for various industries, which include government, healthcare, oil and gas, and banking and finance organizations among others.

Government authorities

GWC Records works with several government institutions for their records and asset management needs, filing and scanning their documents, and providing real-time visibility for their assets inventory through GWC’s Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation (FAIR) and Asset Management Software (AMS).

Financial institutions

The company is proud to be the trusted partner to majority of banking and financial institutions Qatar, delivering comprehensive records and asset management solutions that make data easily accessible, compliance achievable and keep security a priority.

Information is the most important possession for any organization, and must be securely treated and managed with precision – contact us today to see how we can help you by calling: +974 4449 3000 or email us at: info@gwclogistics.com