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GWC Pharma

Qatar is aspiring to be a global hub for pharmaceutical logistics, and GWC with its first privately owned pharmaceutical facility, offering 25,000 square meters of infrastructure and equipped with temperature controlled, refrigerated , and frozen storage built to the latest specifications, is set to help the country in this aim.

Service Span:

Storage and Handling

Land transport solutions

Support services for ambulances

Distribution and specimen transportation

Customs clearance and tarmac supervision

International airfreight and aircraft charter solutions

Quick Figures

Near 100% accuracy
Storage of medicines between -70 to + 25 degrees Celsius and humidity controlled
35,000+ pallet positions

Qatar’s first MOPH licensed and GDP certified 3PL facility offers solutions that meet the distinctive requirements of the pharmaceutical industry by providing a wide range of services to medical providers and pharmacies alike managed by QCHP certified professional

Vaccine and Sample Transportation

GWC has taken an active role in transporting life saving vaccines, as well as ensuring that medical specimens are collected, transported under the required temperature, and labelled and tagged in order to ensure that proper medical care is offered to the patients in need of accurate laboratory analysis.

Support Services for Ambulances

GWC offers a variety of services to the nation’s ambulances, including cleaning and maintenance, moving of equipment and consumables onto and off of the vehicles, and management of essential emergency supplies that allow the teams to provide proper care to patients in their time of highest need.

Pharmaceutical storage, handling, and distribution requires a degree of accuracy that matches the level of need – contact us today to see how we can help you by calling: +974 4449 3000 or email us at: info@gwclogistics.com