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GWC Consulting

GWC Consulting works to minimize logistics costs, increase visibility and have better control over your inventory while maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse operations. Our team of industrial engineers, Six Sigma professionals and consulting experts bring the best practices in logistics to ensure that your warehouse is both efficient and cost-effective, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Services Span:

Data collection and analysis

Conceptual and detailed warehouse design

Process engineering

Technology implementation



• Significant reduction of costs

• Detailed CAPEX and OPEX report

• Best of breed technology solutions

• Real time visibility over inventory

• Business growth

GWC Consulting has offered its expertise to a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, aviation, retail, health care, and museums.

Robust warehousing solutions

For its clients, GWC Consulting has designed and implemented solutions that assure over 99% on-time order fulfilment and streamlined flow of products through the usage of LEAN processes and technology, which has resulted in practically perfect inventory accuracy.

Storage and distribution optimization

 GWC Consulting, through its analysis of the client sites, has put plans in place that raise the level of warehousing operations by reducing the actual footprint required for storage through various advanced techniques and racking solutions. The team has also refined distribution management operations, allowing the client to manage multiple deliveries through their dedicated assets.

Call us by phone 4449 3198 or mobile 5007 1340 (Hamdan Abdulla) or email us at scm@gwclogistics.com