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April 2012

LVQ – a step into the future of logistics

Just 20 kilometers away from the city centre of Doha, Qatar’s largest and most modern logistics facility, Logistics Village Qatar began operations in early 2011 and has already become a resounding success. Designed as an integrated and self-contained full-service ‘logistics department store’ for its customers, the LVQ features everything that they may want as a logistics solution.

LVQ’s strength lies in its good connections. It is located in a vicinity central to all other key transportation hubs and consumption centres, making it highly accessible and efficiently located. It is within the heart of the prime industrial belt and less than 20kms distance from Doha’s main airport and seaport as well as regional oil and gas centres. On a site of about one million sq m, a total of some 200,000 sq m of efficient covered logistics space is being built in two phases. In the first phase, which was completed in the first quarter of 2010, LVQ features 3,000 sq m of staff accommodations, 83,000 sq m of warehouses of which 70,000 sq m is covered; truck maintenance workshop; parking; and 65,000 sq m of container haulage. The LVQ also feature dedicated warehouses, multi-purpose warehouses, car storage a PDI area, container yard, repair depot and an auction yard. The first phase constitutes around 40 per cent of the total project in which proportionate infrastructure including networks, road and soft landscaping has been completed. Phase II of LVQ which is scheduled for completion this month, will add an additional 60650 sq m of warehouse and 5,000 sq m of container yard.
LVQ is a project of the well-established Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC), which according to a report in The Gulf Times Newspaper, is aiming to double its seas and air freight business by 2013. GWC has also embarked on the expansion of its open yard in Ras Laffan for storing hazardous materials. According to its annual report, GWC expects the occupancy level to surpass 70 per cent on its completion. Speaking at GWC’s annual general assembly, GWC chairman, Mohammed Ismail Al-Emadi told shareholders “We look towards the added capacity and competitive edge that the Phase II of the logistics village will bring to the table,” adding, “With the first phase of logistics village fully operational and with our GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) presence expanding, the future looks bright,” he said.

The third phase of logistics village is expected to add 105,000 sq m of warehouse; 100,000 sq m of container yard; 4,600 sq m of administrative block and 16,400 sq m of accommodation.

Going forward, GWC expects significant growth in the freight forwarding segment as several planned infrastructure projects take off in Qatar over the next decade, not least the FIFA World Cup in 2022. “As we get closer to the build-up of the FIFA World Cup, we expect to play a big part in serving logistics needs of this milestone event. In the freight forwarding and the logistics segment, we expect to see strong rates of growth in the ocean, air and road freight areas, especially for our business activities in the GCC region,” a company spokesman said, adding that he expected about five per cent of the massive expenditure the Qatari Government, currently estimated at $89 billion, has earmarked for infrastructural development to be channeled into the logistics and warehousing sector.

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