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May 2018

LEDD Technologies Holds Launch Event at St. Regis

LEDD Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of GWC (Q.P.S.C), held its launch event at the St. Regis Hotel Doha on Tuesday Morning, May 1, 2018. In attendance were LEDD and GWC Senior Staff, as well as speakers from Microsoft, Sierra, and Brilliant, all of whom were given a chance to speak to and interact with market leaders from various industries in Qatar.

In addition to offering various opportunities for networking, the event hosted a number of presentations highlighting the various solutions LEDD has already tested in the market, and weighed against its deep experience gained over more than 10 years in the logistics industry. Among the solutions discussed were the facility management solution, the visual asset management system, the vehicle tracking solutions, and the order management system. For all of these solutions, the attendees were offered a walk-through of the key features of these systems. By offering these solutions locally, with over 30 technical professionals available to implement them in Qatar, LEDD assures an immediate response to all requests, with none of the flights or time difference found in other suppliers.

The other major differentiator for LEDD is the special relationship it has with the major global technology vendor, Microsoft. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, LEDD is capable of offering advanced analytics and cloud hosting solutions to enable their customers to achieve their business transformation plans quickly and affordably.

“Digital transformation is not just a buzzword to be ignored, nor a luxury to be considered in passing, but a direct need that must be addressed across all businesses and industries in order to remain sustainable in the current competitive market,” stated LEDD General Manager Mr. Maged Kamal. “That’s why the right transformation time is now – and LEDD is offering you the opportunity to join forces, collaborate, and build your transformation success plan together.”

GWC, the leading logistics provider in Qatar, continuously relies on information technology to achieve its strategic and business aims. Through the experience earned by developing the company’s infrastructure and in creating solutions for the logistics and supply chain field, the company established LEDD as a means to equip clients with the technology services and solutions needed to complete their business transformation needs.

“In our industry, you often see logistics companies specialized in IT solutions, and others who are supply chain experts, but rarely do you see the expertise in serving the end-to-end supply chain with IT solutions joining together in one entity,” stated GWC General Manager Mr. Matthew Phelps. “With LEDD, GWC is doing its part in helping and acting as an enabler to support Qatar towards its 2030 vision by establishing a subsidiary that can sell its expertise in IT to enable logistics and distribution, unparalleled in most organizations.

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