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April 2018

GWC Receives Qatar University Students at Logistics Village Qatar

GWC, the leading logistics provider in the State of Qatar, welcomed a group of Qatar University Students from the College of Business and Economy at its Logistics Village Qatar, the one million square meter logistics hub, on Wednesday morning, April 25, 2018. The students, accompanied by Dr. Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi, Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, Qatar University, were given a presentation on third party logistics and GWC capabilities, followed by a tour of the location, led by GWC Senior Manager of Corporate Communications Mr. Mohammad Daoud.

The objective of the presentation was to bridge the gap between theory and practice, with focus on third party logistics. The student group were then guided on a tour showcasing the various components of the hub, including the wide variety of multi-purpose warehouses, distribution centers, cold-chain and purpose specific warehouses, the container yard, and the staff accommodation and amenities.

Stated Dr. Abdullah Al Swidi – Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Marketing: “We appreciate the opportunity to blend the theoretical with the practical, as this was a chance for our students to learn about various aspects of the supply chain at a fundamental level. They were also made aware of the various services that GWC provides in support of the Qatari Economy to achieve sustainable development.

“We wanted to highlight how the Logistics Village Qatar brought these theoretical questions into practice, and managed to develop a harmony between business and human needs in the process,” stated GWC Senior Manager of Corporate Communications Mr. Mohammad Daoud.

GWC, the leading provider of integrated logistics solutions in the State of Qatar, proudly caters to both the largest and most influential companies in Qatar, as well as small and medium enterprises, providing them world-class turnkey solutions customized to their specific needs. It has developed these solutions while gaining nearly fifteen years of experience in the local and international markets.

“The Logistics Village Qatar stands as a landmark Qatari achievement – a determined, decisive example of acumen and ability standing in solidarity to benefit the nation and its people,” stated Mr. Nawaf Al Emadi, Executive Director of Government Affairs. “It is therefore with great pleasure that we receive the Qatar University students, in recognition of their standing as leaders of the future, and to introduce them to the various ways that we are ready to support them and their ambitions.”

GWC’s strategically positioned LVQ offers the most comprehensive, globally recognized supply chain solutions. Organized, structured, integrated, IT enabled, and “ready-to-go”, the LVQ was conceived and developed on a scale that has set new benchmarks in logistics infrastructure.

Ms Sonya Jaffer – Finance Student with Minor in International Business, Student Coordinator for the Event Commented:
I would like to express my gratitude to GWC and its team for making this visit an enjoyable and educational experience for our students. This visit allowed our students who are about to join the labor market to gain real life experience and insight regarding the processes and activities in SCM and logistics.
The comprehensive tour enabled the students to improve their knowledge and understanding of the operations in the logistics industry in a memorable way.
The students realized the important role GWC plays in Qatar’s economy and its involvement in their day-to-day activities.
The workers’ accommodations stood out to me during the visit due to the infrastructure being up to standards. The provision of facilities such as supermarkets and different cuisines creates a suitable living environment for the workers.

After the tour, the visitors when asked to comment, stated the following:

Al Maha Shams – Financial Accounting Student:
We enjoyed our visit to GWC; it was well organized and we benefited a great deal. We are also very proud to have a company with such specifications serving so many sectors and aiming to achieve the 2030 vision. We would like to thank Qatar University for creating this opportunity in introducing us to this work environment. In closing, we would like to thank the GWC team for their kind hospitality and excellent reception of our group.

Aisha Al Bloushi – Business Management Student with Minor in Entrepreneurship:
To begin, I would like to thank the company, as I didn’t expect any company in Qatar to control all of this. I had expected a company that controlled a warehouse, and it is especially impressive that the company controls all this technology – this is very impressive, especially as we seek to be more self-sufficient in Qatar. Therefore, it is very good that Qatar would have a company providing us with these services. Our experience was very special, as we toured the frozen warehouses, which I expect will be very useful to the pharmaceutical companies that the nation is currently trying to attract. It is very good for the pharmaceutical companies to know that there is a company – GWC – that offers warehouses ready to store medicine.
What I think sets the company apart is the available technology. I’ve been to other industrial areas, and I’ve not seen the same level of technology that I’ve seen here in GWC. The technology here is very unique in my view.
I’m a business management major with a minor in entrepreneurship, and I feel that any entrepreneur that wishes to start a new business, this company will be very useful to them. I want my focus to be on the business, and if there is a company that will help start my business, it is GWC, and I fully recommend it to entrepreneurs.

Raghda Shiblack – Information Systems Student with Minor in International Business:
First, this tour was an opportunity for us to see what we had studied theoretically in practical terms. We saw how they took care of the most precise details to increase their operational efficiency, and therefore build trust with their clients. Therefore, the Logistics Village Qatar is a good opportunity to improve the local economy. We also learned a number of new things that we hadn’t known from our books, such as how to store materials, and how more than one company might occupy a single warehouse. We also weren’t aware that restaurants might have their own warehouses, something we have gotten to know. Therefore, we want to thank you for offering us this opportunity to connect what we studied to the real world.
I’m a student of information systems, with a minor in international business, and I was interested in the talk about the importance of preserving the accuracy of daily information between the client and supplier. This degree of accuracy in information helps prevent errors in the supply chain.

Sahab Yousef Al Namli – Finance Student with Minor in Management of Information Systems:
The first thing that came to my mind was that this tour was the first step into the real world of business from applied logistics and many other aspects. It’s the first time I see what I study in the real world, and for different businesses as well. I concentrated on how very important details are; every detail is so important. Many people think that business is so easy, but it’s not; it’s just like building a tower, and if you miss any small detail, it will affect you in the end; the efficiency will not run as well as it should. So, it’s so important to pay attention to the details – every small detail – from different applications, from the supply, from the customers, and how to satisfy the customers, the suppliers, and the employees themselves.
Therefore, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to come here and see different things. It was the first time for me to see such a thing – I thought it would be much smaller, I never thought there were such huge places. I never thought that there was a place to keep all these items segregated by type, and we saw the selective racking machines, and it was a very practical machine that saves so much time, ensuring timely customer satisfaction.

Nadine Al Kassel – Finance Student with Minor in Economics:
First, I really benefited from being introduced to the company, as I didn’t know that there was a company actually working in all these fields, and that they are working on their own warehouses. Second, I saw a practical application of our academic concepts, with a live example of managers taking care of every detail of their operations. I had previously thought that a manager would have a general overview of the operation, and that it wouldn’t be part of his scope to care for these minute details.
The biggest thing that stood out during the tour is the way they store a number of different items within the warehouse, and the high level of control that the company has in a number of factors such as temperature, humidity, and others, and especially the high accuracy in controlling these factors.

Yara Ali – Accounting Student with Marketing Minor:
It was a great opportunity to see practical application and how much GWC supports Qatar’s economy, and what a large scale of business and operations it has here in Qatar.
The attention to detail, and how much caution and precaution is taken to make sure it’s all safe in order to ensure that all the items are stored and delivered properly to the customer really stood out for me on the tour. They really focus on the nature of the goods handled, and the differences in the precautions they take depending on the nature of these goods. Every item has its own handling and management needs, and everyone is very aware of that and knows how to deal with it.
Honestly, it was such a great opportunity and hopefully there are more connections with GWC.

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