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April 2019

GWC Receives Malaysian Trade Delegation at Headquarters, Logistics Village Qatar

GWC, the leading logistics provider in the State of Qatar, welcomed Malaysian business community led by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) to its headquarters and the Logistics Village Qatar (LVQ), on Sunday morning, April 28, 2019. The attendees al were presented with GWC’s various capabilities, covering integrated logistics and supply chain solutions.

The Malaysian delegation was represented by 14 representatives from different industries such as facility management, latex medical gloves, cleaning and sanitizing products, stethoscope, wood, plastic composite wall tiles, fibre mastic advanced asphalt, advanced insulation material, interior design and building information modeling. This mission includes a series of exclusive sessions for Malaysian companies to collaborate with Qatari business community on promoting their products and services.

The delegation comes amid reports that the bilateral trade volume between Qatar and Malaysia is expected to hit the $1bn mark this year. The presentation at headquarters offered a general overview of the company’s abilities, highlighting the company’s freight and clearance operation. The tour, meanwhile, highlighted the various components of the LVQ, including the wide variety of multi-purpose warehouses, distribution centers, cold-chain and purpose specific warehouses, the container yard, working with the delegation’s mission to explore the possibility of further future collaboration and partnerships between the two nations.

GWC’s strategically positioned LVQ offers the most comprehensive, globally recognized supply chain solutions. Organized, structured, integrated, IT enabled, and “ready-to-go”, the LVQ was conceived and developed on a scale that has set new benchmarks in logistics infrastructure.

“Constantly in step with Qatar’s business needs, GWC has become a true partner to the business community, which we have demonstrated to our friends in Matrade today,” stated GWC Group CEO Mr. Ranjeev Menon. “By continuing our customer focus, we achieve our ambition in working with the nation towards a sustainable and diverse economy.”

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