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June 2021

GWC Celebrates World Food Safety Day

Reiterating its commitment to food safety standards, GWC celebrated the 2021 edition of World Food Safety Day (WFSD) by organizing an interactive training and awareness sessions for its employees highlighting this year’s theme: “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”.

As the leading logistics and cold chain provider in the State of Qatar, GWC has been an integral part of the nation’s food supply chain for many years. GWC continues to provide end-to-end logistics support for food imports in terms of sampling, inspection as per the procedures set forth by MoPH and customs clearance, followed by cold chamber warehousing and distribution to end-use destinations.

The training session emphasized how safe food is a shared responsibility between producers, governments, importers, retailers, and every person who handles food during the course of this supply chain. Various interactive activities were conducted by GWC’s certified in-house experts to impart knowledge about safe food handling to deliver safe and healthy food to the consumer.

“Our goal is enabling food safety from farm to the table, and a highly trained workforce is imperative for this purpose,” stated Mr. Ranjeev Menon, GWC’s Group CEO. “These sessions will help in adding to our collective awareness about the subject of food safety.”

A marque of GWC Group

With ISO 22000:2018 certification for Food Safety Management System since 2007, GWC has long been a champion of setting high standards of quality including those for food safety. This dedication to quality in storage and delivery of food consignments has led to it being trusted by retail and food distribution outlets in Qatar. GWC’s in-house experts spotlighted these best practices and guided attendees to diligently follow them at every stage in an effort to reduce the burden of foodborne diseases resulting from unsafe food handling practices.

“GWC is a bona fide expert in food and cold chain logistics, and it is our endeavor to constantly monitor the safety of food in storage and during transit using enhanced systems,” added Mr. Menon. “Our warehousing and logistics services are consistent with Qatar’s food security and safety guidelines to counter any threats to food security.”

Resonating with the objectives of this global initiative by WHO and FAO, GWC observed the third edition of World Food Safety Day on an educational note.

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