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November 2020

GWC celebrates Qatar Sustainability Week

“GWC on the move during Qatar Sustainability Week – Benefiting from a new CSR pilot program with Falcon Scooters, employees at the GWC’s Logistics Village in Qatar (LVQ) are zipping around the hub using sustainable transport technologies. The pilot transport program has introduced electronic Falcon Scooters, complete with recharging stations, for use on the 1 million square meter facility, speeding up on-site movement for Qatar’s leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider. The latest in GWC’s long tradition of environmental initiatives, the e-scooter pilot program is assessing overall usage, suitability, and business impact for innovating the logistics and warehousing industry. Already famous around the world, rechargeable e-scooters have entered Qatar, which are set to introduce a new era of speed and sustainability for the Qatar market.”

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GWC celebrates Qatar Sustainability Week
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