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February 2018

GWC bullish on Qatar’s logistics industry

By Satish Kanady / The Peninsula
Published on: 07 Feb 2018

Qatar’s leading logistics provider GWC is looking to increase its warehousing capabilities and trade volumes. GWC, which signed a major deal with Al Asmakh Real Estate Development recently, said yesterday it has long-term plans and innovative projects in pipeline.

“GWC has long ; plans and we are pursuing them in line with the country’s development vision. We are exploring new markets, both locally and internationally, and looking for new opportunities for diversifying our businesses,” Mohammad Daoud, GWC Senior Manager of Corporate Communications told The Peninsula.

Over 70 percent of the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park managed by GWC has already been occupied. GWC is receiving heavy enquiries from potential investors for the Al Asmakh Logistics Park development project.

The GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park is a self-contained logistics center spread across an area of 517,375 square meters with a built-up area exceeding 40 percent of the total. The facility features around 194 warehousing units of different specifications optimized for SMEs, as well as a container yard, labour accommodation, first aid center, a mosque, and commercial and other amenities. The warehouses are offering a variety of storage solutions ranging from dry, temperature-controlled, chilled and frozen as well as bulk storage, while taking into consideration the specific needs of the SMEs.

Addressing GWC’s ordinary general assembly on Monday, Abdulla Fahad Jassem Jabor Al Thani (pictured), Chairman of GWC said the Bu Sulba Warehousing Park is one of the best examples of Qatar’s public-private partnership (PPP) initiative. He said the company has laid foundations and strategies in line with Qatar’s long-term vision.

As per a management agreement signed between GWC and Al Asmakh Real Estate Development a couple of weeks ago, the Al Asmakh Logistics Park will be managed by GWC for the 22-year period between 2018 – 2040. “The facility is ready and we have started receiving encouraging enquires from potential investors. Both GWC and Al Asmakah are big names in the respective industries. The market can certainly expect a quality service at the facility”, Mohammad said.

With the support of world-class Hamad Port, Qatar is fast emerging as a major re-export hub. The country’s logistics sector is going to benefit hugely from this opportunity. The market can expect exciting announcements from GWC in the coming days, he said.

Market intelligence report noted that the growth in contract and logistics drove Qatari market during the past couple of years.  The period has been the period of adjustments with fluctuating oil prices and reduced investments. Even though, there has been a fall in oil and gas projects for the logistics providers, the warehousing segment has been on rise with improved warehousing solutions provided by major players.


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