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January 2017

GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park Completed on Schedule and Ready to Operate

First Fruit of Public Private Partnership Picked

Warehouses at the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park, built to the latest international standards and specifications

The Technical Committee to Incentivize Private Sector Participation in the Economic Development Projects in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has expressed the readiness of the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park, in a preamble to its grand opening and beginning of operations. These parks were constructed according to the latest international specifications and standards.

The GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park was completed on scheduled, and is considered among the most important initiatives by the government to enhance the role of the private sector in economic development projects. The Total area of the park is 517,375 square meters, developed by Gulf Warehousing Company, a Qatari shareholding company.

H.E. Mr. Mohammad Hassan Al Saadi Chairman of The Technical Committee to Incentivize Private Sector Participation in the Economic Development Projects in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has emphasized the importance of the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park, which will contribute to economic growth in general and the development of the logistics sector in particular. He added that the park, in addition to the other warehousing zones to be opened later, will provide all types of warehousing, including frozen and dry, at competitive prices.

His eminence clarified that the warehousing zones will be provided at these competitive prices for the benefit of SMEs in particular and to all companies in general. Warehouses are available in all sizes and according to varied specifications and international standards. These will enable the closing of the gap between supply and demand in the warehousing market. It will also contribute to the lowering of product prices because of the provision of storage space at sensible prices. Furthermore, it will provide work opportunities and support the competitive abilities of companies and the national economy in general.

On behalf of GWC, The esteemed Sheikh Abdulla bin Fahad bin Jassem bin Jabor Al Thani Chairman of GWC stated: “The GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park is a direct result of the company’s participation in the logistics sector and the government’s desire to support SMEs by providing them with flexible warehousing solutions. The project will provide cold chain and dry storage solutions at various capacities and in accordance with the requirements of SMEs. Additionally, the park holds two container yards, labor accommodations, a mosque, first aid center, and recreational facilities, among others. As we approach the launch of this Qatari project, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude from the guiding spirit of HH The Emir of Qatar, HE The Prime Minister, HE the Minister of Economy and Commerce, for their continued instruction and support.”

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has offered four plots of land for warehousing projects during the last quarter of 2014.

These warehousing park projects aim to solve the lack of warehousing and storage facilities in the local market, and to participate in creating a competitive and sustainable economy through enabling public private partnerships. The government has provided the appropriate opportunities, land plots, supervision and organization, while the private sector has undertaken the responsibilities of development, marketing, and operation. The project will work to find and provide secured warehousing areas according to the latest international specifications, in addition to providing effective logistics services to SMES at competitive pricing.

A glance into The Technical Committee to Incentivize Private Sector Participation in the Economic Development Projects in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce:

The Technical Committee to Incentivize Private Sector Participation in the Economic Development Projects is a committee within the Ministry of Economy and commerce, its membership is composed of representatives from various government entities, which are: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Court of Audit (Oversight), Ashghal, Manateq, Kahramaa, Supreme Committee of Projects and Heritage, and Qatar Chamber. The Committee works to incentivize private sector participation in the economic development projects, which include providing suggestions for public private partnership projects, as well as methods to support and incentivize the private sector. The committee seeks to set the necessary policies, standards, and controls, as well as the policies to assign land plots necessary for these projects, the supervision of their execution, and the tender and auction policies necessary to bid for these projects.

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