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December 2012

GWC and ELTETE Middle East Introduce Line of Green Packaging and Transport Solutions


Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) in partnership with ELTETE Middle East held a product launch event for their environmentally-friendly APPA® Carton Pallets as well as other products in their line of green packaging solutions on November 27th, 2012. The partners held a press conference in Al-Asmakh Regency Halls attended by some of GWC’s highest profile clients, highlighting how ELTETE’s various offerings offer more environmental sustainability as well as significant savings for their purchasers. “With the UN summit for climate change, it’s an appropriate time to talk about affordable and sustainable green packaging solutions,” said GWC’s Head of Public Relations Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Sahlawi. “With ELTETE we are bringing a new logistics solution that offers significant value to our customers,our shareholders, and, as a proud Qatari company, brings value to Qatar itself.”

Established in Finland in 1974, ELTETE has spread its operations to 16 countries worldwide, servicing the Middle East with its recently-established factory in Dubai. Bucking the wooden pallet and packaging standard, it is a significant part of the paper pallet industry, the fastest growing trend in pallets. Its cornerstone product the APPA® Carton Pallets allows a cardboard structure made of 85% recycled paper that is, at 5 kgs, lightweight and quickly assembled to withstand a dynamic weight of 1.5 tons and a static weight of 9 tons. “The most impressive statistic in comparing traditional pallets with our product is, if you’re shipping 20 truckloads of your product, on weight alone you can afford to ship the 21st for free,” said General Manager of ELTETE Middle East Mr. Wasef Shakaa.

This standard of performance continues across ELTETE’s entire product-line, using lightweight but durable packaging made of recycled materials that maximize the amount of product shipped within the transport space: their slip-sheets ship two pallets worth of approved product using a sheet only 3 – 4 millimeters thick; and the ULD Optibox makes use of a previously unusable space at the end of air-freight cargo containers, adding 400 kilograms of extra cargo to each container. “Gulf Warehousing Company continues to act in the best interest of the public as a whole and our shareholders in particular by popularizing a product that not only works towards the environmental goals of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, but also reduces operational costs thereby increasing revenues,” said GWC’s Managing Director and Board Member Mr. Abdulaziz Zeid Rashid Al-Taleb. “By partnering with ELTETE Middle East and using their distinctive APPA Carton Pallet technology, we have linked together environmental concerns with profitability, creating a solution that is truly sustainable.”

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