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March 2015

Gulf Warehousing Company, the Leading Domestic Logistics Service Provider


In recognition of the company’s continuing efforts in setting the standard of the logistics industry in the State of Qatar, Gulf Warehousing Company Q.S.C. (GWC) received the internationally renowned GIL Global Best Practices Award for Leading Domestic Logistics Service Provider of the Year 2015 on Monday, 16/02/2015. GWC Director of Business Solutions Mr. Sunil Kambrath received the award presented by Frost and Sullivan at an award ceremony in Dubai, the UAE.

The Frost and Sullivan GIL Global Best Practices Awards celebrated their sixth consecutive year in 2015, bringing together a global network of thinkers, visionaries, and thought leaders working together to leverage innovation as a resource to address global challenges.

“Over the last ten years, GWC has grown to play an integral role within Qatar’s economy, aiding multiple developmental projects of government agencies and ministries, major corporations and new SME startups,” said Mr. Sunil Kambrath. “We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide world-class services to the country, and in our continuing efforts to further develop and upgrade these services regionally and internationally.”

The announcement of the award has come after a year of achievement, as GWC earned QAR 140.3 million in net profits for 2014, gross revenues at QAR 673.3 million, earnings per share at QAR 2.95, and total assets of QAR 2.102 billion in 2014.

“In the decade since our establishment, we have laid the foundations necessary to launch ourselves into the future, paving a path with considerable efforts and substantial investments that have enhanced our infrastructure and service capabilities,” explained GWC Group CEO Mr. Ranjeev Menon. “Today, our scale of operations is unmatched, which has given us the competitive advantage across all our service offerings.” He added.

Gulf Warehousing Company Q.S.C. (GWC) is a Qatari shareholding company and is the leading provider of integrated logistical solutions in the State of Qatar. Established in 2004, the company is in the business of providing high-quality logistics solutions in Qatar and Middle East. GWC is one of the largest supply chain service providers in the region, offering a comprehensive range of services to various industry verticals. We deliver this by understanding our customers and by leveraging our global network. GWC is backed by a team of committed and innovative experts and supported by state-of-the-art IT systems and storage infrastructure.

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