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June 2012

Gulf Warehousing Company and ELTETE Middle East sign Qatar Agreement for Next-Generation Carton board Pallet Technology

The Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) has concluded an exclusivity agreement with ELTETE Middle East (EME) covering the region of Qatar for carton board pallets as well as a variety of other transport packaging materials. ELTETE, the 35-year European pioneer of Carton board Transport Packaging Technology, has 19 production facilities worldwide and the Qatari market will be serviced from the first production facility in the Middle East, located in Dubai.

ELTETE specializes in 100 % recyclable transport packaging material out of laminated compact carton board. The company is one of the leading producers of sustainable packaging solutions in the world.

The most prominent of the products is the APPA® Pallet (Automatic Paper Pallet Assembly), uniquely made out of strengthened and fully recyclable carton board, these pallets can replace the conventional wooden pallets for transport/export requirements. They are light, durable, and most notable of all more cost effective than their wooden predecessors. APPA® technology can help producers to meet the global and rapidly increasing need for ecological transport pallets and packaging materials.

“We are very happy to partner with EME and believe that there is a growing market need for APPA® pallets in Qatar. The APPA® pallet is an excellent environmentally-friendly alternative to wooden, plastic or other pallets. Due to its light weight, you can make significant savings in transport cost, both in land and airfreight. APPA® pallets are ideal for export shipments as they are ISPM-15 compliant and need no treatment as wood does,” said Ranjeev Menon, Group CEO of GWC.

“The secret of the strength of APPA® Carton Pallets lies in the laminated carton board pallet feet and the top board which is carefully chosen for each application. These pallets are customized in size and strength as per our customers’ requirements, we have full control over this at the production facility” said Aiman Al Shehabi, CEO of EME. “We believe we have found the right partner to carry the product to the Qatar market. The market for carton pallets grows exponentially once local production, quality, competitiveness and delivery reliability has been established”.

Other products which will be available range from Slip sheets, Dunnage Bags, Edge Boards, to customized packaging solutions.

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