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November 2018

Backbone of Qatar’s logistics scene with ongoing logistical support

Doha – News agencies (26-11-2018)

GWC has put forward every effort possible in order to provide logistics, supply chain services and solutions that serve every industrial and economic sector in the State of Qatar. The company has provided these services by implementing the best breed of international practices and advanced technologies, fulfilling the needs of its clients and the Nation through an integrated system of bespoke infrastructure in Qatar and an international network of logistics offices.

Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC), a publicly listed company in Qatar Exchange since 2004. The Company earned leadership in the logistics and supply chain sector due to its customer centricity, responsiveness and unparalleled expertise in providing logistical services and solution.

During the ongoing unjust blockade imposed on the State of Qatar, the company has deployed creative systems and alternatives needed to facilitate the shipping, transport, warehousing, and distribution of goods and cargo, especially food and primary cargoes, in addition to satisfying the clients requirements as fast as possible according to pre-set timelines; without delay or compromising client interests. Systems such as repurposing of warehouses, trucks and personnel in no-time have mitigated and averted effects of the blockade and did prove Qatar’s resilient logistical infrastructure as a whole.

The logistics operations provided by GWC are not limited to one sector alone, but in fact cover all government, industrial, and commercial sectors in the country. The company offers full end to end supply chain services, starting with raw materials movement all the way to the ultimate consumer, in addition to all logistics services in between.

UPS, the largest package delivery company in the world, whom GWC is the Authorized Service Contractor in Qatar since 2015, offers an extensive range of services to enable the movement of goods, information and funds across the globe, which complements GWC’s “under-one-roof” value added services it provide within its scope. UPS’s market share in Qatar has grown by bounds over the last three years since the Company became its authorized service contractor.

As an example, GWC offers the retail sector with logistical services, beginning with shipping the products from the factory, followed by clearance, transport, storage, and last-mile delivery at the end users’ location, providing visibility throughout the entire process.

For the Oil and Gas sector, the company plays an important role bringing heavy equipment and over-sized cargo from the factory in the country of origin, tracking its progress until it reaches the work-site in the State of Qatar, ensuring its arrival without delay or damage. Performance at this level assures the client of the company’s professionalism and ability to handle mega logistics projects, engendering trust with the clients.

GWC also offers its services for clients in the banking, telecom, aviation, sport, aviation, defense, infrastructure fields, and fine art sectors.

GWC has partnerships across multiple sectors, including food and food security, health, retail, aviation, oil and gas, museums and fine art, sports, equestrian, and conference management, as well as all the logistics requirements for both the public and private sector.

GWC has a strategy in keeping up with aspirations and National vision of Qatar, as clearly shown in the Company’s dedication toward playing a significant role in the delivery of the Nation’s major projects in preparation and delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022. This serves the company as it seeks to reinforce internal partnerships and play a major part in offering effective solutions related to supply chain and logistics services.

Additionally, GWC has formed specialized partnerships, among them its collaboration with leading company in fine art handling, which allows the company to offer expert services related to the transport and installation of irreplaceable works of art, particularly for works that are exhibited in international galleries, such as priceless paintings and artefacts. The company has also formed partnerships to provide equestrian transport services for racing and show jumping horses that participate in the biggest international events.

GWC’s services extend to shipping agency services, as the company offers all the solutions related to this sector in order to satisfy the demand for increased shipping into the State of Qatar. Shipping volumes have particularly increased after the opening of Hamad Port, Qatar’s main trade portal with the world, which plays a critical and central role in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 through supporting economic diversity and placing it squarely on the map of global marine transport.

GWC has a strong and successful record in supply chain and logistics services, as the company has over 3 million square meters of logistics hubs, of that area, 830,000 square meters are dedicated to warehousing and distribution centers, supported by the largest transport fleet in the country composed of more than 1,200 trucks, trailers, and specialized vehicles. The Company offers this infrastructure in accordance with the highest international standards and all related ISO certifications.

In total, GWC has 14 sites and facilities across Qatar, distributed strategically between Doha Industrial Area, and Ras Laffan and Messaieed Industrial Cities.
The company has a team of highly-trained and qualified employees surpassing 2,300 professionals in the field of supply chain and logistics. It also hosts servers with capacities exceeding 6.3 petabytes, ensuring secured technological support for the needs of both the Company and Clients’ operations equally.

With the aim of reinforcing the partnership between the public and private sector, the Company has delivered the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park project, which is considered among the most distinguished results of the cooperation between the public and private sector, and falls under the framework of achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030 also which aims to empowering the small and medium enterprises and offering them scalable warehousing solutions that reduces their CAPEX. It’s worth noting that the project was completed before schedule, which proves the company’s readiness, ability, and commitment to implementing projects awarded to it either by the government or the private sector.

The project extends over 517,000 square meters, and is divided into two main zones; the first for storage, the second form living amenities. The warehousing area offers three types of warehousing: frozen, air conditioned, and dry, all of which were specifically designed to serve small and medium enterprises under the best international specifications. The warehouses included pre-engineered structures, warehousing-specific flooring, centralized firefighting and alarm systems, loading and unloading docks with adjustable docks, and administrative offices. These facilities are highly secured with round-the-clock manned security and CCTV monitoring.

The project is strategically located between the airport and Hamad Port as well as being connected to the main super, especially the G-Ring Road and the Orbital Highway.
The project was completed by following the highest safety standards while registering 3-million man-hours of work without injury, taking care to provide all manners of comfort for its workers as per the national directives, all the while finishing the project in the least amount of time possible, sparing no effort to finish the project before schedule.

On a relevant note, GWC and Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company have signed a Management Agreement that will bring the Al Asmakh Bu Fesseela Warehousing Park under the management of GWC for the 22-year period between 2018 – 2040. This agreement is further enhancing the delivery of the project’s objectives to the end-user, and stands as an example of the power of cooperation between Qatari companies.
Spread over 496,410 square meters, the Bu Fesseela Warehousing Park is strategically located in the growing North Doha districts, boasting a number of features specifically tailored to serve the needs of the nation’s small and medium enterprise sector (SMEs) including Warehouses (frozen, chilled, A/C and dry), accommodation, showrooms and life amenities.

The Bu Fesseela Warehousing Park is the result of the property development knowledge and skills of Al Asmakh, the real-estate giants of Qatar, and the joining of forces with the extensive logistics expertise of GWC.
As the country continues implementing the Second National Development Strategy, the company will continue to seek out opportunities to serve and grow as benefits the Country, GWC’s shareholders and clients.

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