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Internal and External Audit and Compliance

Internal Audit and Compliance Division

The Internal Audit and Compliance division is constantly working to improve its core values and to be a reliable partner to the Company’s management to achieve the goals set out by the board.

For more information about company policies, you may contact:

Board Oversight Committees: The Internal Audit and Compliance division works closely with the company’s Board Oversight Committees to ensure proper adherence to policies and strategies throughout the organization. The duties of these committees are expanded upon in the Corporate Governance Report. The Board Oversight Committees include the following:

Announcement – 21/02/2021: For information on the detailed disclosures of the Board of Directors to the shareholders, please follow this link.

External Auditors

At the company’s AGM, GWC shareholders confirmed external auditors Ernst and Young for the 2019 financial year.

For more information on the auditors, you may contact them at:


Matter of Compliance

As a matter of compliance, the company announces the number of its shares and major shareholders as following:

Number of shares: 586,031,480 shares

Major Shareholders: