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Human Resources

Dedicated to the tenet of “Maximizing Employee Performance”, the Human Resources (HR) Division in GWC dedicated a number of strategies and policies to enhance the company’s performance-driven culture.

This occurred during a year of increased recruitment for the Company, with the induction of 504 new permanent employees and 112 temporary staff. The onboarding of these employees was facilitated through the flawless implementation of the ‘SuccessFactors’ app, one of the suites of programs installed in 2016 in partnership with the Corporate IT division.

The application has streamlined the process from publicizing vacant positions, identifying applicants to bringing the candidate into the fold. The app also introduced the “Transfer from – No Pay Change” feature, which was developed this year to expedite the internal transfer processes and to provide an organized storage with a systematic approach and easy access.

The Company seeks to augment the welfare of all its personnel, both new and old, and has rolled out many effective initiatives. Among them was the ‘Wellness Day’ program, an ongoing program meant to provide employees with a host of health-related information at their specific workplace. The Division also provided “baby boom” gift packages for 55 employees with

recent births in their families, as well as 13 “get well soon” packages for employees who had undergone hospital stays. Promoting volunteering within the Company, the Division also held the annual blood donation drive with a major healthcare provider in November 2017.

To ensure the proper acquisition and implementation of skills, HR at GWC conducted or coordinated 379 training programs, with a total of 25,387 person-hours of training provided to the Company’s employees. Recommendations for the required trainings were proposed by managers through the company’s SuccessFactors app as part of the mid-year and annual employee appraisals. As part of the trainings, all employees receive a refresher for the orientation program, where they are introduced to various updated HR policies and given an Employee Handbook with comprehensive information.

The division also held a number of events in order to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its employees. For the company’s annual Iftar event during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Division organized a dinner attended by record 1,650 employees.

The Division coordinated a number of team building and outbound trainings with the various departments, with around 137 employees participating in the events held at the Sealine Resort. The end of the year saw the all the Company’s units compete in the annual GWC Sports Festival, with competitive events ranging from cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, tug of war and marathon. In addition, a badminton event from the company’s female employees was organized for the first time.  All these supplementary activities helped develop employees’ intrapersonal relations fostering a sense of ‘unity in diversity’.