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Group CEO’s Message

Welcome to GWC

Thank you for your interest in GWC’s services and for visiting our website.

The journey GWC has pioneered over the last 15 years is truly an unparalleled phenomenon in the State of Qatar. From humble beginnings starting with one warehouse in the industrial area, it has taken painstaking effort to develop over 3 million square meters of logistics infrastructure distributed strategically across the nation; to establish and become the market leaders in logistics & supply chain solutions, as well as creating several subsidiaries; to become connected and associated with two of the world’s largest freight and courier networks – through acquisition of Agility Qatar, and as the authorized service contractor for UPS in Qatar; to become the managers of the largest fleet of transport vehicles in the nation; to develop and implement a host of dedicated assets and systems specifically designed to ensure our full spectrum of supply chain solutions are technology-driven and in-line with the concepts of LEAN Kaizen under the highest standards of quality, health, safety, and environment. The achievements represented by GWC are so grand and wide-ranging, it is simultaneously overwhelming and humbling.

Our purpose-driven values of innovation and performance continued to propel us forward in 2018, maintaining and developing our position as the preferred logistics provider in the State of Qatar, and thereby ensuring the best possible returns for our shareholders. This strength of purpose is what drove us to enter a management agreement with Al Asmakh Real Estate, placing the Bu Fesseela Warehousing Park under the same expert management that operates the Logistics Village Qatar, the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park, the dedicated logistics hubs and bases in Ras Laffan Industrial City, and the many other facilities and warehouses in the Doha Industrial Area and the Messaieed Industrial City.

As we determinedly moved to ensure the optimal acquisition of new customers and maximized penetration of market share for all divisions, we pursued new ventures by adding LEDD Technologies, the market technology services and solutions provider for business transformation needs. We revitalized our GWC Marine operation, first established in 2015, to offer shipping agency services that meets the economy’s growing needs, whilst operations at the country’s many ports continued to develop. Meanwhile, as the authorized service contractor for UPS in the State of Qatar, we have capitalized on our partnership with Qatar Post to develop new opportunities among clients in the government and oil and gas sectors.

We have continued to grow our competitive edge, setting records in the delivery of solutions and development of our infrastructure.

Our Contract Logistics, Forwarding, and Projects have made major in-roads in developing contracts with clients in the oil and gas, government, broadcasting, and sports verticals, while our Hazmat team continues to excite by creating and managing dedicated logistics bases for clients in the oil and gas sector.

By diligent management and promotion of our services, we have also managed to consolidate a solid customer base, developing existing contracts with clients within existing services and through cross-promotions with our other services. Our Transport department has played a big role in shifting materials to the new logistics bases for Hazmat oil and gas clients, while expanding our current contracts with healthcare providers. GWC Records has also managed to entrench its foothold among clients in the government and banking sectors, becoming the most widely used provider in both sectors.

We have also seen our departments expand capabilities and offerings, with the Fine Art department entering into 4PL contracts with major museums in Qatar, and providing new restoration and conservation services under its banner. Meanwhile, our Relocations department has diversified its scope to include the handling and transport of a variety of items, from highly delicate technical servers to luxury items and furnishings for elite clientele.

Every business unit has consistently established the mindset of being the leading provider in the eyes of the customer, regardless of whether they serve the public or the private sector, from the largest operators to the latest start-ups, as well as small and medium enterprises. The Sports and Equestrian divisions to stand apart among their competitors, with many annual event organizers relying on these departments for services, and recommending them for future events.

To enable our departments to perform even better, we are exploiting the very latest technology and following the best practices to ensure our operations are the fittest, most profitable operations possible. To this end, our Corporate IT and Continuous Improvement divisions have worked together throughout the year to implement technological and process-oriented enhancements to all departments. With tests undertaken to ensure the viability of new systems such as Salesforce, ePOD, eJobs, and electronic voice picking technology; 2019 promises even better efficiency and enhanced inter-departmental cooperation across the board.

A service company can’t perform well without the whole-hearted engagement of its employees. We have therefore always endeavored to provide the best working environment and empowerment to deliver the best for our customers. We have achieved this through QHSSE policies and systems that not only set the high standards in which we provide our services, but also ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, site visitors, and other stakeholders. In 2018, we have added the FIDI certification for our relocations operations and updated the quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, and the environmental management system, to the latest operational standards.

Our Human Resources division has also implemented a number of upgrades to Its system, while ensuring the soft and hard skills of our employees are up to the latest standards. To develop a sense of unity among our employees, and to reach out to the wider community, the Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility divisions have encouraged participation in a variety of initiatives. Among them were the company’s Iftar, blood donation drive, and the Annual Sport Leagues within the company and the month-long 7assanat Olympics and many educational initiatives amongst the wider community.

Constantly in step with Qatar, throughout our 15-year history, GWC has become a true partner to the business community, the benchmark, and the investment our shareholders most trust. By continuing our customer focus, increasing our operational efficiencies, enhancing our standing as a technologically-driven solution provider and supporting the country in its strategic initiatives, we achieve our ambition in working with the nation towards a sustainable and diverse economy, while ensuring the best possible returns for our shareholders.