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Corporate Social Responsibility

Early in 2017, GWC was conferred the “CSR Leadership” award for its continuing efforts to serve the social needs of our local community at the launch ceremony of the 5th edition of the National CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report. The Qatar CSR Report monitors and evaluates the progress made each year by corporate institutions in the area of sustainable development in society, with a particular focus on CSR and contributions to the Qatar National Vision 2030. The CSR award ceremony honored those who have made significant contributions to these causes at the launch conference, which was attended by a number of dignitaries, industry experts and ambassadors from various nations.

The award affirms GWC’s commitment to upholding the various social issues it holds very dear, and have formed the basis of its CSR strategy through the years. The Company’s commitment to entrepreneurship excellence extends beyond the services it provides via its various departments to helping start-up charitable organizations that it has partnered with in the past, including ‘Embrace Doha’ and ‘The Youth Company’. Both these organizations embody the values that GWC cultivates, as witnessed by GWC and Embrace Doha’s earlier partnership on heritage initiatives highlighting Qatar’s history and culture; and with ‘The Youth Company’ to encourage youth volunteerism and social participation.

Among the programs that GWC has supported this year has been the “7asanat Olympics”, a partnership with ‘The Youth Company’ which combines all of these values. Every year, during Ramadan, GWC acts as the logistics partner, working with Youth Company volunteers, and participates in the distribution and packing of thousands of Iftar boxes which were distributed during the Holy month of Ramadan.

GWC’s strong nationalistic orientation coheres strongly to the societal ideals put forth in Qatar’s National Vision and finds expression in the varied initiatives it supports towards cultivating the spirit of service to community that it promotes both within and outside the Company.