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Corporate Social Responsibility

GWC is well aware that successful organizations do not exist in isolation. They have a responsibility to society at large, and by fulfilling that they stand to gain enormous goodwill. GWC continues to reach out in ways that benefit the well-being of Qatari society and that of the nation. These initiatives reflect the interests and priorities of the local Qatari culture and its aims as laid out in the Qatar National Vision 2030, covering social welfare, health, and sport initiatives.

Events sponsored in 2016

Hasanat Olympics – The Youth Company

HMC Blood Donation Drive at Street 15 – The Hamad Medical Corporation

Henna Ahalha – Embrace Doha

Associated Activities of the Qatar National Day 2016 Celebrations

Events sponsored in 2015

My Qatar Photo Exhibition – The Youth Company

Hasanat Olympics – The Youth Company

HMC World Blood Donor Day – The Hamad Medical Corporation

HMC Blood Donation Drive at Street 15 – The Hamad Medical Corporation

Save the Dream Program in New York City

Events sponsored in 2014

Hassanat Olympics – in collaboration with the Youth Company

Blood Donation Campaign – in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation

Run the World Festival – logistics sponsor for event run by the Youth Company

GWC Sponsors Qatar Charity’s Orphanage Programme (2012)

Achievement is greater still when companies can align doing good with their commercial goals. The entire company, starting with the management team, has embraced corporate responsibility by giving back to the community in a consistent, meaningful and tangible way. More importantly, GWC has extended its charitable ethos outside of company walls to Qatar Charity which caters to the needs of the under-privileged.

Gulf Warehousing employees donate blood (2011)

Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) employees have donated blood to Hamad Medical Corporation in its first annual blood donation drive, which is part of its corporate social responsibility. GWC’s human resource manager Natasha Subramaniam said: “We are proud of the turnout for this community-oriented initiative that benefits the community. The drive was our way of giving back to the community.The hospital is constantly in need of blood supply and i am sure we all can play a part in supporting the hospital.”