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Chairman’s Message

Dear Shareholders and Esteemed Visitors to our Website

GWC extends to you its warmest greetings,

Looking back on the last 15 years, there is much we have to be proud of as a nation – the ability to capitalize on an upward swing in the oil and gas market – developing infrastructure, diversifying economic sectors, and attracting international events and investment during times of plenty. Having the foresight and planning to prepare for the lean times, has also been rewarding and we’ve come out the other side a stronger economy and country for it.

As we reflect upon the past, it is also a good time to ponder the future, as we look toward delivering the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the actualization of Qatar National Vision 2030, with many infrastructure projects due for delivery and completion, for which the country has begun to draw in more participation from foreign investors in the Qatari market. To achieve these ends, GWC will continue to support the nation’s goals and lay foundations and develop strategies in line with the country’s vision and ambitions, backed by resilience and preparedness for every contingency.

GWC, in seeking to provide for the business sector’s needs, has aimed to show what Qatar, and Qataris are capable of. We are proud to have helped in developing Qatar’s capabilities, both in terms of its infrastructure and its human capital, and supported Qatari culture and industry in doing so. Now, as our nation continues in its implementation of the Second National Development Strategy, the company will offer the full support of its developed infrastructure and advanced systems to achieve the nation’s aims, and at the same time achieve the company’s objective in maintaining our position as the preferred logistics provider in the country.

It is this positive attitude that has led to our leadership role in every service vector we have entered and drawn outside parties to our expertise – as exemplified by the signing of the management agreement for the Bu Fesseela Warehousing Park. Such achievements have resulted in the best possible returns for our shareholders, with net profits for 2018 at 10%, a remarkable rise in the current market.

The same attitude is employed as we continue to support and enable small and medium enterprises, as well as major corporate clients in the private and public sector. We will also continue in the development of new subsidiaries to serve the local market, like LEDD Technologies and GWC Marine. The abilities and expertise gained here in Qatar will be invaluable as we expand regionally and beyond, developing solutions and infrastructure abroad, as we grow inward and outward to become the business investment opportunity of choice in Qatar and beyond.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the guiding spirit of His Highness the Emir, His Excellency the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Commerce and Industry, for their continued leadership and support. I also thank the Board of Directors, management and staff of GWC, and our faithful shareholders and clients, for their exceptional contribution and trust in GWC.

Thank you.