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Business Stories

Museum Logistics – For GWC it’s a Fine Art

The cultural bedrock of a nation, treasured works of art and historical archives define a nation’s past and guide its future. Where would humanity be without the humanities — art, music, literature? Preserving, presenting, transporting, and securing these treasures is a great responsibility and a complex logistical feat.

Museum objects are beyond value – priceless. Their loss would be cause for national mourning. But they are also a means for rich cultural communication, and a window into understanding our shared culture and history. There is no better way to accomplish this than exhibition in museums, private spaces, and temporary collections. In so doing, museums remain vibrant institutions enriching local communities and the culture of the world.

None of this comes without risk. Without proper logistics planning, there is real chance for catastrophic damage to priceless paintings, sculptures and other works of art. High values can also snare the attention of thieves who know when something valuable is on the move and are all too willing to swoop in and steal. Everyone has heard the story of the audacious theft of the Mona Lisa by an Italian thief in 1911, but few remember the theft of Paul Cezzane’s View of Auvers-sur-Oise, valued at over $4.5 million, from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford in 1999. Unlike the Mona Lisa, Cezzane’s work has never been recovered.

Working with fine art means choosing a logistics company with real experience in the field. Art in transit is vulnerable. GWC minimizes risk with bespoke solutions that take responsibility for valuable historical artifacts from nail to nail.

GWC Fine Art can deal with all highly delicate shipments offering full airport supervision including meeting the shipment at the aircraft door and supervising all airline handling until collection, including the expedition of clearance. When fragile items are shipped, the most vulnerable part of the journey is at the airport. Important shipments can be overseen from aircraft door to collection vehicle.

With a bespoke and customized focus, GWC Fine Art offers collection from origin in the company’s Fine Art Truck, bespoke crating and specialist pack and airport supervision from the point of origin. Not only does GWC provide priority shipping, but it also delivers to the destination and unpacks and installs any kind of artwork. Of course, high security fine art storage is on offer in temperature-controlled facilities on a temporary or long-term basis.

For high-net worth individuals or families going abroad for long periods of time, GWC can pick up and securely store artwork and other valuables, keeping them safe from theft or damage while outside the country. GWC can deliver peace of mind whenever you travel overseas.

The World’s Most Valuable Trophy

The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy, one of the most coveted items in the world, will be arriving in Qatar in 2022. Flanked by dedicated security guards, in its own custom-made case, the Trophy will touch down in Doha, and FIFA will lean on GWC’s expertise to guarantee the Trophy’s safeguarding. Not exclusive to the most coveted trophy in the world, this sort of highly secure bespoke service is available to the high value items of any GWC Fine Art client.