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F-Ring Road Opens to Traffic

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the opening of the F-Ring Road completely for traffic on the occasion of the Qatari National Day.

The road will mainly serve the traffic flow between Al Thumama Area, its surroundings, and the Airport Street. The road will also facilitate the traffic flow heading to Hamad International Airport, and reduce traffic congestion in this region significantly.

The F-Ring Road is a 7.2 km eight-lane carriageway, with four lanes in each direction, in addition to a two-lane service road on both sides of the main road. The road also includes pedestrian and cycle paths. In addition, the project includes the construction of two signal-controlled two-level interchanges with Najma and Airport Streets.

Road users will now benefit from the shorter journey times and the free traffic flow created by the two level interchanges. In addition, the dedicated pedestrian and cycle paths will separate pedestrians and cyclists from traffic, which will keep them safe, promote other travel options, and help reduce reliance on vehicles.